Mould Removal & Decontamination

Mould is recognised as a potential health hazard and mould growth within the indoor environment has long been linked with poor health and property damage.

The risk of this is assessed according exposure time, species and quantity. Mould spores are the most significant bio-pollutant of the indoor environment and most properties have mould damage in some form or another, often hidden behind surface finishes in voids and stud partitions.

Mould removal from a property whether it is domestic or commercial, needs to be approached with care. Consideration needs to be taken of the potential for unnecessary exposure of people to mould spores and toxins during mould removal projects. We approach our projects with care and diligence and our goal is not only to remove the mould from your property but also to prevent it ever coming back.

Identification of the underlying cause of mould contamination is the key point of any successful mould removal project. Points of water damage and its sources need to be identified and a most suitable solution has to be found to achieve permanent solution.

domestic mould removal
As a company with a strong occupational health background we understand the need for protection of building occupants. Our methods involve mould removal under semi or fully controlled conditions with local air management, area containment and safe handling and disposal procedures.

We use only Health and Safety approved products so there is no danger of exposure to dangerous chemicals. All our treatment agents are long lasting, colourless and odourless.

Once the underlying moisture problem has been mitigated we can guarantee that the treated surfaces will remain mould free for at least 2 years.