Fire & Smoke Cleaning

Experiencing a fire is very traumatic. Quick response is necessary to prevent further damage and return your property to pre-loss condition. When the unforeseen happens it is re-assuring to know that there are a team of trained cleaning professionals who can help clean and restore the damage to your premises.

If your home suffers fire and smoke damage, Fire & Smoke Cleaning Sydney can help return it to normal! Call us and we’ll respond at once with courteous, respectful service and an expert, in-depth evaluation of your unique needs before work commences. Fire or Smoke damage is a disruptive event in anyone’s life; and we’ll work our hardest to ease the stress and discomfort during this difficult time.

Fire and Smoke cleaning is a complex job that demands the exquisite attention to detail that we are known for in all our cleaning processes. Smoke penetrates into hidden cavities, such as behind kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers, so a quick wipedown of the exterior surfaces is not sufficient to fix the problem. Heavy odor may require heavy cleaning techniques to restore the contents and structure. Walls may need to be painted, but require cleaning and deodorization first so that odor doesn’t return…and sometimes we can restore the walls without painting! Curtain Cleaning Sydney will manage your project from start to finish to ensure your complete satisfaction.