Curtain tips from Best Ever Cleaning-Curtain Cleaning Sydney
If you walk past your window and brush up against the curtains do millions of dust particles appear? How do you clean curtains without ruining their shape and appearance? Dust bunnies hide in things we don’t think about. What can we do with our dingy draperies? Are they worth saving? Drapes and curtains add character to your windows.

They are extremely versatile whether you put a valance over your kitchen window to bring some color and vibrancy to the room or you put some bright colored curtains in the kids’ rooms, you want the fabric to look fabulous.
There are several tricks to keeping your curtains looking great and smelling fresh. Some people spray them with a freshener once a week. Make sure you use something without harsh chemicals that might weaken or discolor the fabric. Keep sensitive fabrics away from the sun as much as possible you might want to put a liner behind them to protect the material from sun rot. Another way to protect your drapes is to have blinds on the windows. You can put curtains over other window coverings to bring out the essence of your room’s interior. Draping colored material over the top of the window can add height and dimension to the room. When picking out curtains make sure to choose material that is easy to care for and clean
Curtain Cleaning Sydney recommends the following steps you can take to clean your curtains and fight this endless battle:
1) Inspect the back of the curtains for sun rotting by feeling and stretching the fabric.
If they show signs of rotting they are not worth saving, it is time to buy new curtains.
2) Curtains need to be professionally Dry Cleaned and Steam Cleaned in order to preserve the quality
And shape of the draperies.
3) If the rings on the rod are rusty and dirty boil them in water with vinegar to remove the rust and restore shine.
You can also use soap to polish the curtain rods and remove dirt or dust build-up.
4) To keep the dust from building up vacuum your curtains frequently with a vacuum attachment.
In order to prevent the vacuum from swallowing your curtains make sure you use the lowest setting.
If you have a soft brush attachment you can use that as long as the material permits.
Spotless Curtains and Draperies in your home will add elegance to any room.
Keep your house smelling fresh and looking its best by following the simple steps listed above and making sure your
Curtains look their best.
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