Curtain Cleaning – North Shore of Sydney

Recently did a curtain cleaning and blind cleaning job for Ms Glover from the leafy suburb of Mosman in the Lower North Shore of Sydney, She had beautifully tailored curtains in a rich coffee colour with a total block out rubber back lining and some Slim-Line Venation Blind. Ms Glover had booked us in to do a routine clean for all the window coverings for the whole house.
After careful inspection of the curtains it was revealed that the inside lining had been severely affected by spores of mould and had spread over many parts of the curtain.
Starting from the bottom of the hem and it starts to work its way up along the bottom half of the curtain. Colours of the mould changes from grey, black, and like an orange colour. The Blinds had only slight sighs of mould as they where only 2 years old & where not a problem to restore to new.
I pointed this out to the owner who was taken completely by surprise and could not believe her eyes .She point out to me the curtains where only seven years old and had been quite an expensive purchase for her .At this point I asked if they ever ran a gas heater and the answer is a positive YES, constantly for the past seven years.

My only course of action was to stop this from continuing and to try to save the rubber back lining, the mould was not visible from the front of the curtain or the back, but it was starting to show some signs of eating its way through to the back with the potential to destroy the front of the curtain, the customer agreed with my prognoses.
Other issues would be health issues as windows and curtains become the filter for your home, as fresh air beams through the window it flushes the spores around the home, people with allergies and asthma and small children would agree.
A heavy-duty mould inhibitor was liberally sprayed on to the affected area, scrubbed with a stiff curtain cleaning brush, and the using our curtain-cleaning machine we cranked up the heat & booster all the way up to 160 degrees and steam cleaned every inch of the curtain. This is the only way to kill the mould spores and to stop them in their tracks before they do more damage.
On completion the results where very pleasing for Mrs Glover, the curtains where saved and we have another happy customer saying that it was a job well done.

Tips to maintain Curtains & Blinds
1) If gas heating is used in colder months try to replenish fresh air in to the room if possible (keep windows open a few inches)
2) If windows get wet with condensation dry them regularly
3) Wipe windows and door tracks with white vinegar
4) Keep rooms well ventilated
5) Avoid your window furnishings getting damp
6) If possible take curtains out in the fresh air and sun to breath
7) Check window coverings twice a year for any nasty surprises
8) Vacuum your window furnishing when needed.
9) Stains or spills should be maintained and sponged up
All these point will help you look after your home and your valued assets, Curtains & Blinds.
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