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Curtain & Blind Cleaning

We will come to your home or office and clean your curtains and blinds. We provide a professional service and ensure that the service we provide exceeds your expectation.

Upholstery Cleaning

Lounge, sofa and dining room suites can be cleaned easily using Curtain Cleaning Sydney’s Specialty Equipment and products and includes professional stain removal.

Rug Cleaning

With the right experience and the correct facilities, which we have, you can extend the life of a silk rug, a hand-dyed kilim or any other treasured rug.

Odour Control


Our Odour Control System will ensure that your unpleasant odours in your home and on your soft furnishings can all be eliminated. Specialising in eliminating, smoke smells, mouldy musty smells, decomposed remains.

Fire & Smoke Cleaning


Curtain Cleaning Sydney provides professional removal of soot from both walls and ceilings with years of experience we are also provide advice by our certified technicians.

Mould Removal & Decontamination


As mould removal professionals our approach to projects is with care and diligence and our goal is not only to remove the mould from your property but also to prevent it ever coming back.

We Guarantee

  • No Shrinkage

  • No Colour Fade

  • No Fabric Distortion

Trust The Experts


Environmentally Friendly

  • Green Process

  • No Residue

  • No Toxic Waste

Exclusive Non-imersion Cleaning Process Guaranteed Results.